An amazing line up of Z Lenses, past, present & future!

The announcement yesterday of the new Z Micro Lenses seems to have really caught the imagination and attention of many shooters! Many like me have the 60f2.8 micro they use on their DSLRs. But now micros, better ones, are available on the Z Mount bringing a new world of possibilities. It also brings for many the big question, D or Z? If you own no camera gear yet, the answer is very clear, Z Mirrorless. But what if you’re like me and have a cache of gorgeous F Mount lenses? Yeah, attach them to your Z via the FTZ and keep on shooting. But what do you invest in gearwise for the future? Lots of questions but no one clear answer for many but this has been my thinking for the last few months. When I acquired the Z70-200f2.8 & Z14-24f2.8 (they are stunning!!!) I knew I would not be investing in any more F Mount bodies / lenses and only in Z Mount lenses from now on. It’s when I knew the Z9 would eventually replace the D6 in my bag. I’m not by any means mothballing my 800f5.6 or 180-400VR (though I really wanna know about the Z200-600!) or any F Mount gear, they will be great on the Z9. But answering for others which way to go, well, I can only comment on my thinking of where I’m heading. I hope that helps.

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