ANA 777 flight 111 to Japan captured by Z 30 / Z16-50

It was not a bright evening in Chicago (as the iPhone recorded it) as I waited for Flight 111 to be pushed back from the gate so my flight could pull up. Weather while gloomy was not the cause for my delay but it did have two very sunny outcomes. One was being able to sit, watch, be entertained and photograph the prep of the ANA 777 heading to Japan. As you can see, the Z 30 simply rested on the desktop shooting as the opportunity presented itself. I spend a lot of time at airports shooting EDLs (every day life). The Z 30 does a great job, incredibly small fitting right in my briefcase and attracts no attention from others. The other bright point was when a pilot sat down next to me and started up a conversation. In his first six months flying for United (my carrier), he had just finished nineteen years flying F-16 for the USAF. We talked planes, flying, people and as we parted, I was able to present him with a challenge coin and thank him for his service. While I hate delays, I love the opportunity to make a positive from a negative.


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