If we were talking about a fashion statement, the answer is simple, yes! But that’s not what we’re talking about, is it? Photographers put a lot to stock on gear. If you listen to my Podcast you know that I put more stock on the photographer. Many want one answer and not two options to this question but like everything in photography, two answers are required to cover all the bases.

Have you asked yourself what is the goal of your photography? If you have not or, have not come up with a goal, there is the real possibility that the perfect lens might not be in your kit. It’s also more than likely that the perfect lens isn’t what you need in your kit at this point in your photography. And that’s perfect and in many ways, I envy you because everything photographic is new and an adventure. You’re not set in your ways and all you know is fun. That’s not to say that’s lost once you have goals, it just takes a slightly different direction.

Using myself as an example, the adding of the 105f2.8mc in the kit has put stress on me that, to be honest with you, I don’t really need. That’s because I have goals for my photography and mastering macro photography is most definitely not one of them. Spending the money just to have fun in photography isn’t always the best business choice. Just because I own a macro lens (actually I own two) definitely doesn’t make me a macro photographer!

I think the lens does make the photographer, but over time. That’s to say that the photographer bought the lens because of their desire and passion in photography to begin with. They stick with a lens over time because it fills the original purpose which then starts to fit in with their goals for their photography. But the photographer then takes over so the photographer makes the lens sing. That’s because the photographer learns that lens, its abilities, and ways it can take that photographer’s vision and shape, and capture it making the photographer, a visual storyteller. So in the end, it’s the photographer that makes the lens but in the beginning, the lens makes the photographer.

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