Think Tank EDC Pouches, 20, 10 & 5

I thrive on being organized and Think Tank just made it a whole lot easier for me/us! They have just brought out their latest and best “all things” pouches, the EDC 20, 10 & 5. As seen above, I’m using the EDC 20 for all things travel computer. There were in one pouch prior so getting out one block or cable mean basically everything had to come out to get those two items. Not no more! The EDC 5 is the home of video mics and cables, all in one pouch now. And the EDC 10, well that’s my secret what I have organized in it. The beauty of the EDC is they can “mold” into where ever you store them for example, the EDC 20 slips into one compartment of my briefcase next to the iPad, the EDC 5 on top of the Z70-200f2.8 in the MP-3 V2 or Speedtop 15. Now I’m on a mission to organize even more so more EDC pouches are in route. Great stuff Think Tank … thank you!

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