I’m incredibly excited and honored to be asked to lead an epic photographic workshop experience this fall on the Boy Scout Philmont Ranch in New Mexico, 19-25 Sept, 2021. The Ranch which is on part of the historic Santa Fe Trail is unspoiled vast landscapes with historic buildings and amazing critters making for a super week. You will not have any problem finding subjects from Elk and Deer, Turkeys and fifty other bird species, we will have buckskin clad reinactors firing black powder rifles and if all else fails, there are the spectacular New Mexico sunsets just to mention a few subjects. In between all this shooting will be daily classroom sessions covering post processing, workflow and image review. I’m getting all worked up just thinking about it cause it’s a once in a lifetime photographic event taking you back in time to bring back the memories with your cameras. The price for the week is $995! Registration is through The Ranch and you might need to click on the Assistance button to make it all happen. It’s going to be a marvelous time and hope you’re able to join us for all the fun and photography!

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