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on Nov 30, 2017 in Moose's Camera Bag

Epson Metallic … Who Knew?

You can tell it’s winter in the office, I’m printing like a madman (thanks for all the gallery print orders!). So much so, a complete Epson 700ml ink set just arrived last week for the P7000! I seem to do a lot of printing experimenting in the winter, perhaps it’s the long, dark nights and I’m so excited about the latest paper I’m testing. Epson’s Metallic Glossy paper for aviation is freakin off the charts! It has, out of the printer the look of a metal print but a roll of 24″x100′ Epson Metallic paper is less than a single metal print. Then you have your Epson Metallic mounted by the folks at TruLife Acrylic and light it and it simply JUMPS off the wall! No, this is not a new paper, just new to my printing paper locker. And no, I won’t use this paper on my wildlife or landscape images, it’s very specific to just the aviation. While Legacy Platine is still my favorite paper, for aviation Metallic is now it!

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