Waco QFC captured by D750 / 24-70f2.8AFS

The light is starting to turn the corner, time to think statics. Statics are aircraft that are parked. The fall light with its softer shadows is great for static aircraft giving you more time to craft the shot you want. Not only that but the fall storms not only extend your shooting period but provide a little more diffusion and dramatic backgrounds. Here’s one other thing many photographers don’t think of in their pursuit of static aircraft to photograph. The plane doesn’t have to be airworthy! Yeah, the plane doesn’t have to be able to fly, the prop doesn’t even need to turn. You just need air in the tires so it can be tugged or pushed to where you want to do the shoot. Why would one even consider that? It’s the time of year when many aircraft are going into annual as the summer flying season comes to a close. More than once while waiting for a part we’ve rolled a plane out for me to photograph. It’s something to think about as you haunt the airport, fall is great for statics!
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