Lonely Beach Cross captured by Z 30 / Z16-50

I was at the surf line with the Z 9 / 800AFS photographing the American Avocets in the surf and the Black Skimmers feeding right in front of us. To the east we saw the nasty storm that had formed up and was coming our way. The light had gotten real sour, the birds moving away so I started to search with my eyes for the light if there was any. As I spun I had done a complete 180 when I saw behind us, behind the truck, off in the dunes this lone cross. Behind it, a light under menacing clouds. At first I shook off the thought of going for a photo. I was here for critters and I knew that giving them a few moments, they would be back. But the light was in a different direction. I didn’t want to make the walk, get another camera dirty but the light, it ate away at me. After a few minutes I headed for the light. I grabbed the Z 30 / Z16-50 out of the truck and headed over the dune. I no sooner than crossed the small rise when I saw a cloud of bugs come up to greet me. The light was pulling at me so I made the click. That’s when I noticed I was covered, covered with mosquitoes. I ran back to the safety of the beach wiping them off. Then I looked at the photo, one of the finest landscapes I’ve made in a long time. As I madly scratch the tens of bites on my legs and hands this morning, I know I need to make some mental changes towards some photos. The cause your find ’em in the darnedest places!

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