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on Jul 19, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Finding that Silver Lining

Yosemite Valley
captured by Z7 / Z24-70

It’s vacation time, you’ve probably been planning your trip for a half a year or longer. You got the dates off from work, the kids are out of school so you’re lock and loaded. You pack the car or hop on that flight and reach your destination only to find that mother nature simply doesn’t wanna play. It’s very possible that all your hopes are dashed on the rocks, that is if you don’t start finding that silver lining. Such was the case last fall when we arrived in Yosemite to film my KelbyOne Class.

The planning for the class starts nine months before when there were a winter snowpack starting and the cold air eliminated any possibility of fire. There was no way of knowing when the dates were put on the calendar (which is a struggle all on to itself) that the winter would stop short or that the place would be burning down around us. But that was the case and just like you when you’ve planned and arrived at your vacation, we went on enjoying the beauty that was at hand. How do you find that silver lining with your camera though? Well, there is plenty of info out there when things are perfect how to make the most of things, here’s the first class that explains the same thing but when things are at their worse. This is not the first time in my forty years things didn’t go as planned so I do have some experience with kafooey. Give it a watch, you might find answers so no matter what your shoot turns out to be, you’re finding that silver lining!!!

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