Slash Pile #1 burning captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8

The Ranch had its first control burn over the weekend conducted by the Three Mile Volunteer Fire Dept. The 100+ pines on The Ranch had never been limbed, something vastly needed to suppress wildfire and promote critter use. We limbed the pines ourselves a year ago and made seven limb piles about the property. There was that much standing fuel that needed to be removed (love that chainsaw on a stick!). With their engine there with 1500 gallons of water able to get around to all the locations on The Ranch, the burning began. Within a couple of hours, all the piles were burning or burning out. While I didn’t bring any hot dogs to the party, I brought the camera. The character in the fire can be seen in this photo as one wisp photobombs the Captain so we can’t see him. I didn’t want to be that guy (the dept had over 300 calls just this year from this kind of burning getting away). A HUGE thanks to Chad, Rick & Paul for a job well done!

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