N3N-3 captured by Z 8 / Z70-200f2.8 w/Z1.4x

The skies parted just long enough Friday evening to get an air-to-air flight in and it was full of firsts, three to be exact. The most exciting to me was that’s our son Brent in the rear seat! Hot dang that’s so exciting. That’s a first for me to photograph! Next, the N3N-3 is a project started eighteen months ago and has just now made its first flights. There’s the next first. And finally, it’s my first A2A with the Z 8 and that was totally fun. Simply put, the Z 8 knocked it out of the park! All the images except two are sequestered for now for the ongoing project but I will post the other one very soon. And to all of you who asked how it went, I’m thrilled to report it was full of exciting firsts!!!

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