A Mini Nikon Flash Studio – All for Sale!

Yep, all you see (and some you don’t) is all for sale. The “kit” includes:

SB-5000 x2
SD-9 x2
WR-T10/R10 x2
SJ-1 gel kit (new) x2
Better Beamer
Vello Soft Dome
SC-29 x2
Vello iTTL cords, 9″, 16″ & 10′
Lastolite Softbox
Vello Ringbox RBRS
Westcott Rapid Box
Impact Quikbox Macro x2
Impact Quikbox 15″x15″ w/Speed Ring
Impact Quikbox 24″x24″ w/Speed Ring
SB-5000s & SD-9 come with rechargeable AA batteries

It comes to over $2500 in value, we’re looking for just $1150 (S&H not incl.) A number of the items like the SB-5000s come with their box / IB. We are selling the whole kit, not selling any pieces. You serious about purchasing, please call 406. 240. 3503 (9-5MST) and we’ll take good care of you. Many Thanks!!!

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