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on Mar 27, 2020 in Random Thoughts


Alaskan Bull Moose

Long before, a long time before I learned what FOMO stood for, I suffered from it! Suffer is the perfect word as I would sit in the office with my insides all tied in knots thinking about the photographs I was missing working at my desk and not being out shooting. In some instances, I knew exactly what I was missing. I would be fit to be tied behind my desk and not my camera. It went on for some time, like years, then, it all changed. I didn’t and don’t suffer from FOMO – fear of missing out … the photograph anymore. Might you be feeling that right about now? What changed for me that I don’t suffer from FOMO any longer?

I don’t actually remember the moment or an incident but all of a sudden I realized that I’m always missing out so everything was status quo. I mean, how many times was I standing behind the camera shooting and I missed the photograph? Wasn’t that the same end results as not being out behind the camera in the first place? It’s when this struck me that I realized that rather than concentrating on what I was missing when at my desk, I needed to concentrate on what I was missing those times I was at the camera. That’s when I started testing this, experimenting with that and making home time, failure and perfection time. I not only created so much of the content and supposed wisdom I can share today but the techniques I depend on in the field. Not missing the photo those treasured times when I’m at the camera still drives me and that might be worse. But I can say now, I don’t suffer FOMO.

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