pouncing Coyote captured by D6 / 180-400VR

Batteries are charged, tests made, gear prepacked, permit in hand, it’s time to head into Yellowstone’s backcountry in winter. My last three times I’ve been soooo fortunate to photograph either Red Fox or Coyote multiple times “pouncing” on prey under the snow. I truly love them walking up, head cocking as they listen, the coil spring winding up and then …. strike! Last winter I relied on the 14fps D6 to make the image but this year, I’m so excited to have the 20fps Z 9 in the kit. Even better is its amazing 3D Animal eye detection in my back pocket. To have the magic happen again, we first need to have snow, which Yellowstone has this year. Next, the cold temps so the critters walk the plowed roads so we can see them. Got that this year too. Then the luck has to kick in. Need the critter, need the light, need that poor prey giving its life and finally , being in the right place at the right time. The gear is the only thing in this equation one can count on. I’ve stacked the deck, I’m going for four leaps in a row!

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