Camera Gear Lists

I always made fun of my dad and all his lists, now is his turn to laugh back! I have lists everywhere! I have a thought and by the time I walk to the next room, bam, it’s gone! Packing my gear for any project or Adventure, I always, always consult my Gear Packing List. I have them printed out and on the wall next to the door of my gear locker. I can’t leave it without seeing them and I did that on purpose. Checklist assure that when I leave The Ranch, I have with me all the gear I need for that particular project. Not that I take everything on the list, but I read it line by line to mentally double check myself. I have additional lists for other accessories, personal gear and the business. And I’m real conscious to update when new gear comes in or old gear goes out. It’s a real simple thing that has saved my butt many, many times. The gear packing list.

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