What you say? Yeah, now’s the time to be ready for your Christmas 2022 photograph! We creatives love to have seasonal photos we can share from our library to wish all well. When it comes to Christmas, nothing like snow on pines wraps up the season like that one photo. Having that “perfect” shot though takes some planning to have it for the season. I’ve already started looking at possible candidates, trees, and locals for my 2022 greetings. Need the “Christmas” shaped tree, a scene that supports and text I might want to add, and of course snow. The photograph doesn’t have to be trees and snow, there are thankfully hundreds of options but you gotta find them now to have them next year. I always find it fun to look for them as I see so much other seasonal joy that even if I don’t find the photo, I come back with a smile. Give it a thought, a click or two. You will find the joy in getting ready for Christmas 2022!

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