Just some of the Think Tank bags we take on the road

Yep, we’re all getting out and back on the road with our cameras. Seems like it might have been a while and with time, perhaps some things might have slipped our minds when it comes to packing and traveling with our gear. Well I’ve got you covered with a whole bunch of refresher ideas. You can head to my YouTube Channel where under In The Bag you will find over a dozen videos on how to pack various photo packs and rolling bags. But wait, there is a lot more here to help you. If you search under Packing with the search engine above, you’ll find a ton of blog posts about packing along with a entire Podcast all about traveling with your camera gear. It might have been a while, you might be feeling the stress in traveling again. I think you’ll find I’ve taken a lot of the worry out of it for you so you can just have fun and shoot!

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