Jake hanging out the window of an Albatross over Lake Tahoe

There’s lots to be said for the fear factor in improving our photography! Na, Jake hanging out the open door of an Albatross shooting the landscape is not scary for him (or his mom), but it sure can be for many others. For me, walking up to a stranger and asking if I can make a photograph of them scares the beggigers out of me! What scares you about photography? Whatever it is, go scare yourself this weekend and chase that fear down! You might not conquer it, it might conquer you even. But the process whatever the outcome will move your photography forward. You’d be surprised when you just get yourself up to do that one thing gets everything photographic flowing inside you. That surge of adrenaline jars things lose putting you back on track. It’s a scary thing, it’s a simple thing. Got for it!

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