Devil’s Punch Bowl Beach captured by Z 6II / Z14-24f2.8

The Oregon Coast is gorgeous, I have spent a lot of time here walking its beaches and staring out from its bluffs. Though I have a wide-angle in my hands, I am looking and watching all the birds. With all I’ve seen and what I learned from others, I came to the OR Coast this week to just photograph birds. This is our second morning and as you can see, the scenery is gorgeous and there is not a single bird. I was all set to get down in the sand and spend quality time with the LBJs as they head south, but they’re not here. That poses the larger question, what’s happening to the birds or the world they depend on that they are not here. This is the time with the OR Shorebird Festival would normally be held for goodness sake.

This is why you gotta have that second lens with ya. In the perfect world, I’d have photos of birds and a gorgeous planet but the big lens wasn’t even pulled out today. I’ve been skunked way too many times to take it personal even though I do. And while I didn’t photograph any critters, I still got the beach!

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