cartoon created with Dr Brown’s Acition from the image below

I have for sure, but that’s not my point. There is a business side to everything I do with a camera, mostly very long-term thinking it will pay back for time and thought. Nothing in photography is instant gratification as far as my account is concerned. So, what’s with the “cartoon” of my favorite Goose all about you ask? Every so often, I get asked for a photo to be used as a reference by an artist often for a T-shirt illustration. They ask first if I can draw in which I smile, say no, and explain that’s why I’m a photographer. This last weekend at the KelbyOne PhotoshopWorld, the marvelous Russell Brown gave away his Actions using Generative AI for creating water, oil, pencil, and cartoon renditions of your photograph. You simply click on the Action, wait 24-48 seconds and you have them appear on your monitor. It’s really darn cool. So this week, I’m posting some of the fun I’ve had learning how to take advantage of this so next I’m asked, I can supply the “artist” rendition and make some more funds. Not every version works, some not at all. Here you will see two that did and the actual photograph. Enjoy!

G-21 Goose captured by D5 / 70-200f4

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