Hummingbirds – A Celebration of Nature’s Jewels is a brilliant record, journal, biology text, science manual, and photographic delight on epic proportions! Glenn Bartley’s and Andy Swash’s photography is spectacular and the decades they endeavored to bring us the incredibly intriguing, rich, and colorful world of hummingbirds is a simple visual delight. I absolutely love this book! I love its rich biological roots taking us and our imagination and knowledge to locals I know I will not personally visit yet have through their words and imagery. It covers the science of light and how these flying jewels bring color to our world. It’s just a brilliant chapter! And I loved delving into the photographs where learning how they took the photographs can be learned. I’ve only had the book a couple of weeks but the pages are already well-warned as I can’t get enough. Oh my, this is just a gorgeous book I will always treasure. Hat’s off to the whole crew for a grand celebration of our wild heritage!

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