Yellow-rumped Warbler captured by Z 9 / Z400f4.5 w/Z1.4x & Profoto A10

Magee Marsh is such a treasure, a precious part of our wild heritage. I so love being here watching migrants come crashing in as they refuel to continue north. You get used to seeing them munch down bugs, little caterpillars, and bugs are gleaned by the thousands. Then there was this Yellow-rumped Warbler. It was up on a limb gleaning when like a big, mighty raptor it launched and went into a dive and as it pulled up from its fifteen-foot stoop it came up with a wasp that made the mistake of flying by. With great glee it mashed its head and then abdomen in before down the hatch it went. Once gone, it was so sweet looking again but now I know. Not so sweet.

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