Philmont Wranger captured by Z 6II / 180-400VR

I want to encourage every photographer to just make the click. That’s because the worst thing that could happen is you delete the file. And if that turns out to be the end result, at the very least it’s still a positive. That’s because you will learn from that failure. But what about the flip side of the coin, what if when making that click, you succeed at some level? Then what?
“I would have never considered shooting into the sun before this workshop!” was one of the most gratifying comments I heard during the Bull Roundup (crit to most). Staying in one’s comfort zone has been the death of many a talented photographer. When you’re exploring light though, going down in flames is part of the process of growing as a photographer. While I don’t have the same brilliant photo as the person who made the comment when his image appeared, you kinda get the idea of the moment. More importantly is the sentiment in improving your own visual storytelling cause you wanna go click even if that inside voice might say, “I would have never considered …. “

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