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on May 29, 2020 in Random Thoughts

Inspirational Weekend Reads

If you read the two titles together, one seems to respond to the other and when it comes to improving your photography, they do! George Shiras’ Hunting Wild Life with Camera and Flashlight is an amazing book! Shiras was a Nat’l Geo shooter starting in 1898, to repeat, 1898! In 1936, the Society compiled all his articles and amazing photos into two volumes. When you look at his photos and you realize the cameras he was using (sheet film, flashlight light) and see what he came back with, you can’t help but be wowed and inspired. It amazes me the technique he pioneered over a hundred years ago is still applicable today.

Every Reason to Fail takes us to the 75th Anniv celebration of D Day in France in a plane manufactured when Shiras compilation was printed. How can a book about an old plane flying across the North Atlantic empower your photography? Just the title of the book should ring true to some point in your photographic pursuits, sure does mine. Yet, just like in the book, we manage to make things happen. It proves when you work hard, things tend to work out. Shiras’ book is old and you will have to search to find both volumes (I got mine back in the ’80s for $.50 at a flea market). Every Reason was literally just released and available wherever you like to buy your books. Both are worth owning and reading over and over again. Inspiration these days is worth its weight in books!

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