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on Sep 25, 2015 in B&W Photography

Is There A Photo?


Cruising down the road, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, is there a photo? There are most definitely times you ask yourself that and there is no reason to stop. But then there are times when you say this when in fact, there is a photo. How can you help yourself to learn to “see” that unobvious photo whether you’re walking or doing 60mph? We went through that basic concept this afternoon as we waited for the edge of the light to wear off. And these are just a couple of our results.


You can teach yourself to see this, you need to read nothing or buy a thing. Shooting with any Nikon body with wireless capibility (I shot these with D750 / 14-24AFS) you can connect your iPhone/Andriod to the camera with the Mobile Wireless Utility. You take your photo with your camera, transfer it to your device, finish in Photoshop or Snapseed and instantly see on the device what the possibilities are and relate it to exactly what your eyes see. You teach yourself to see YOUR photo YOUR way with YOUR gear, it really gets no simpler or convenient. The only hard part is the stopping, after that it’s a piece of cake!


the scene as we saw it

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