Uganik South Arm captured by Z 8 / Z24-120

I spent most of my time between sessions with the Kodiak Brown Bears just sitting on the deck literally watching the clouds float by. Most of the Z 8 was attached to the Z600f4 as I worked the sparrows flitting around. I always though had the Z24-120 handy for moments like this. As the clouds floats by they would pant the hillside with light bringing to life this or that section of the slope. I thought about doing a time lapse but that required me getting up and working. I was in chill mode and the mountain seemed to know that. Every so often it would light up like you see here, that’s when I switch lenses and make a click. It was real simple, just required switching the Picture Control to Monochrome, making the click and then goin back to the birds. It was my kinda of afternoon, landscape photography and way to pass the time chillin. It was calling me!
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