What’s wrapped up in this video making itself out to be an “ad” for the gorgeous Profoto line featuring their new Connect Pro (which I have ordered), is actually a brilliant lesson in life and photography by the storyteller of light, Joe McNally! Many life times ago, I had the fun of playing “assistant” with Joe for the day when he was doing a shoot at UCON with one of their basketball players. I learned a lot that day from the master, even more watching this marvelous piece. It’s hard not to get caught up in the lights, the talent and the action, but when you listen to Joe’s words, they make the rest pale. Succinct lessons in light, photography, storytelling is what he lays out for us as only he can. Watching this video, this master, at his craft will elevate your photography, guaranteed! Oh yeah, the Profoto doesn’t suck either!

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