Preserving our wildland for our wild heritage is such an important aspect of my landscape photography. I will be sharing with you the lessons this pursuit has taught me. I want you to bring home your grand experience in your images sharing you passion is what I want to help you do with every click. I’ll be bringing two new classes to the KelbyOne Landscape Conference:

Our Treasured Lands. Bringing home the memories
We are incredibly fortunate to have some amazing national treasures all across the land. Some like Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon are well known. Others like the Redwoods, Badlands and others are not so well known. Let’s take a photographic journey through these lands and talk about planning, best times, best locations, hidden treasures, and making the iconic shots so we can bring home the memories and share them!

Shoot the Subject, Finish the Light
There are times when you step outside, the photograph takes itself. There are other times when no matter what you do, how you’ve planned, there isn’t a photograph to be found. No matter if you find yourself in the first delight or the last disappointment, or any place in between, we’re going to make the visual story come to life. How do you make the subject take center stage in your viewfinder? How to finish the light on the computer to invite the viewer into meet that subject. You’re going to learn how during this class!

Come join me and a host of talented and passionate photographers for a great two day!

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