With our very successful DLWS coming to an end this fall, we are flooded with emails and phone calls asking, “What’s next?” Well, we the glitsie website isn’t ready and we have no fancy email to be send. And while we are very honored and pleased with folks wanting to join us, we need to stem the questions. So I put a little thing up on Google+ which just brought in more questions. Bottomline, who cares about a website, give the folks what you want, here’s the info about our first K&M Adventure. (THANKS to ALL who are asking!)

Hosted by Kevin Dobler & myself, the dates for our first K&M Adventure is 22-27 Feb, 2012. You will arrive in Las Vegas which is the airport we will be picking folks up from and taking them back to. Transportation to & from the airport as well as for the week is provided. We are staying at The View and have the best rooms reserved giving those who want to, the opportunity to do time lapse / stars trails (and we’re there to teach you how) as well as sunrises and sunsets. We have no set agenda, that’s one of the trademarks of K&M Adventures, we chase the light but that will over the course of the workshop take us to Monument Valley & Antelope Cnyn at the very least. If you’ve seen any of my Kelby Training videos, Romancing the Landscape, then you know that I not only have an intimate knowledge of Monument Valley, but many who call it home are dear friends. That get’s us some amazing photo opps.

The price for instruction & transportation (once in Vegas) only is $1995. Half is due on registration and the other half is due 30 days out. Information for reserving your room will be provided once you reserve your spot in the workshop. Lodging & food not include in the price.

What do you need for the workshop? Utmost is an adventurous spirit! We’ll be up early and out late shooting and in between, we’ll be learning, laughing and working on images. This will be the most laid back, jammed packed workshop you’ve ever been on! Computers & camera gear are highly recommended and a packet will be sent to you with specific information some time prior to the adventure. We have two openings, call 760.924.8632 if you’re up for the adventure!

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