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on Oct 9, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Landscape Photography Evening & Shoot – Austin TX!

Nov 08 & 09, 2019

We are incredibly fortunate to travel out with our imaginations, passion, and cameras and see the world. It’s a grand world with lots to share and teach us. In that is the challenge of the landscape photographer. No matter whether the landscape is your own backyard, town city or some far off destination, they all have many aspects that are similar. Our landscape photos need to say more than, “I was here,” but rather, “You NEED to be here!” How to we make that difference in our photos?

There are so many possibilities from gear, techniques and digital darkroom for you to choose from. During our time together, we will do just that. We will cover gear, techniques, lights, locations, strategies, and post-processing so you have many options to select those that work for you, your photography and storytelling. Join Precision Camera and me for a great night!

Take your landscape photography into the city and to the next level with Moose Peterson in this special workshop at Butler Metro Park. The iconic skyline will serve as the perfect backdrop along with models to bring the city to life.

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