I really didn’t even think of it, an email hit the inbox asking if I was curious about my top nine Instagram Posts for 2021. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind so I went and clicked on the invitation and man, was I truly surprised at the results! The #1 was taken on a whim, taking advantage of a lull in the action of making lemonade from lemons. Who knew a 747 would be so popular? The next surprise was the photo of my dad’s B-29 crew from WWII. I don’t know who took the photo, I can’t take credit for it but very grateful it was seen and liked by so many. Then there are the last five, all big game mammals, who’d thunk it? What’s my takeaway from this?
To be honest with you, for the last couple of days, I’ve been asking myself, what does this say? I looked at our business trend for 2021 and there is no real correlation. I looked at my own personal shooting preferences and a biggie for me, birds, is not even represented here. I do love aviation and big game and that made me wonder what percentage of my IG posts are these two and found it’s a huge percentage over birds. Explaining though your reactions to my photos still has me very much stumped. I’m very grateful for your continuing support and dropping by and giving me your feedback. We can learn a lot from our own photography, it’s the best teacher in most cases. Now, to understand what I’m to learn here and put that into my future photographs, lessons from likes.
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