Lee Metcalf NWR captured by Z 9 / Z24-70f2.8

Sharon & I packed up her delicious homemade soup and headed down to Lee Metcalf NWR for a picnic and birding. The camera gear was packed but that wasn’t the purpose of the evening. It was just to sit, watch, listen and let life unfold as it may. The waterfowl are coming back into the Bitterroot Valley. Lots of the regulars are already here. Some, like the Trumpeter Swans, are moving through. The Sandhill Cranes are back and deciding where they want to nest. A Golden Eagle circled overhead sending all the rabbits into cover. The swallows chased what bugs were about as the sun slowly set. The remnants of a storm squeezed their way past the mountains tops and dropped a short flurry of snow. The soup was hot and the company perfect. It’s just life’s simple pleasures!

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