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on Dec 31, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Likes as An Interesting Scale

YOUR Favorite Nine of Mine
in 2019!

I made a conscious effort in 2019 to up my Instagram game. You’d probably noticed the much longer captions which are really more a BTS story behind the photo than just a caption. The main reason I did this was strictly personal, to see if the “briefer” post would reach more, faster, better. I’ve been anxious all year to see which would be my top nine and then look at those posts. I was actually taken back by the results. That’s because those posts with the greatest amount of conversation between viewers and myself were all aviation photos. And yet, not a single plane made the top nine. Rather, my favorite subject, critters dominated the count and the #1 photo was Bob, a Bobcat I photographed from the door of our home perched on our Tree Three. How will I use this info? The Top Nine site (which mixed up the image order) stated I had nearly 900k likes. No clue if that’s good or not, but to me that translates that folks are tuning in. Since one of my top goals is to share the world I’m so fortunate to witness through my lens, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing and who knows, 2020 could be a banner year! Thanks to you all who drop by and say hi!

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