I’ve been on the app for only two months and already, I have 309 answers! Launched in the past year, AnyQuestion is an amazing and unique app putting you in direct touch with the experts. This is not just a photography app, no, not by any means! The field of experts is breathtaking from Swimming to Nutrition and all stops in between. You’re saying, yeah, what’s new about that? The first is, you’re going to receive a video response to your question! You’ll hear the words, see the facial expressions, get a much longer and complete answer then you’ll find anywhere else, except in person. Next, you’ll get the answer not just from the person you asked, but other experts who contribute and give you their slant to the answer broadening your answer and of course, possibilities. Folks like Joe McNally, myself, Christian Pondella, Dixie Dixon, Jasin Boland, Tom O’Brien, Charlie Hamilton Brown, Matthew Jordan Smith and many, many more brilliant photographers are there to help you with your questions, your photography. This is like no other app, no other opportunity. I encourage to click on My link and ask me a question. It just might be the answer that unlocks your future in photography. Click on the link, get the app and start today, you’ll love it!

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