“You wish your were fast enough” Maggie with her ball captured by Z 9 / Z40f2

I was always a fan of the Nikkor 50f1.4AF. I recently sold it and thought I could live without it. Turns out, I couldn’t. I need a small, fast, normal lens so I reached out to Bedfords Camera and got myself the new Z40f2. It turns out, and it should be no surprise, to be a truly outstanding lens that I now take with me everywhere! Incredibly sharp, screaming fast AF, flat field, and nice DoF for the focal length, it’s simply a fun lens. Nikon doesn’t make a hood just for it so picked up a new HN-3 shade from Grays of London. With the tilt monitor of the Z 9 with the Z40f2 attached, I can play with Maggie with one hand and photograph her with the other. And no, I’m not fast enough to snatch her ball away from her but she knew that :-)

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