Alaskan Bull Moose captured by D5/ 180-400VR

Alaska Moose Adventure 24-29 October 2021

Yep, Moose needs his Moose fix and YOU are invited to join me up in Alaska. It’s been three years since my last visit and I’m way overdue. We’re based out of Anchorage and every day walk up the valley and then back out. It will hopefully be cold, perhaps damp, and most definitely spectacular!

We are there near the end of rut when the numbers of Moose are at their highest (samples of 2018 Moose Adv). We normally have forty to sixty Moose to observe and photograph. There is a hike each day of about two to four miles. You only need a 400mm lens to make images as you see above. I’m only taking four shooters (one space available) this time and if you’d like to be one of them, I’d be honored to shoot with you. The price is $1950 which includes transportation once you arrive in Anchorage until you leave, instruction, guide, and entertainment.

If you can join me, please give Sharon a call at 406. 240. 3503 (9-5 M-F MST).

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