A / M switch on a Z24-70f2.8

After that, there is the deep dive into how the camera has broken, messed up, let the photographer down. And right when the photograph of a lifetime appeared in the viewfinder. How dare it! That’s because, it’s never the photographer, right?! I often see a photographer diving into the menu system of the camera trying to find out why the camera won’t focus. And all along, it was simply the A/ M Switch on the side of the lens barrel. Putting it into and pulling it out of the camera bag, the switch often gets switched to M or Manual Focus (how come it doesn’t get switched to A?). With that, the camera won’t focus but it’s not some deep conspiracy, some manufacture plot to get you to buy something new. And it certainly isn’t a reason to panic. When this happens, take a deep breath and look first at the lens barrel, and 9 out of 10 times, you’ll find an easy fix for your camera not focusing. What’s the next most common reason? A dead battery … now that’s a conspiracy plot to get you to buy new :-)
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