I’ve been flooded with emails and phone calls asking about how I do “realistic” HDR. Keep in mind, it starts and ends at the camera. I don’t have a video, yet, for that part on my site (you can find them at Kelby Training) but I do have a video for processing an image in Photomatix Pro. Now the video is a little old (on the to do list) but the basics are all there for you.

What I can do though is provide you my settings for realistic HDR for Photomatix Pro. Simply click on this link to download Moose Basics and then install them in the Preset Folder under HDR and then click on Moose Basics under the Your Presets in Photomatix Pro. I hope this helps folks but just keep in mind two very important things with HDR, it starts in the camera (which means not ever photo should be HDR just because you can) and is finished in Photoshop. Now like usual, understand I’m doing this my way which is more then likely not the right way. You, the photographer and communicator must as yourself real simply, “Does this work for my photography or not?” If it does, great, if not, that is perfectly fine too!

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