AZ Ground Crew working their magic setting up for us with “Sentimental Journey”

These are simply the best people! The AZ Ground Crew Living History Unit came to our aviation workshops in Mesa for years, in the dead of the morning and set up WWII air field around the B-17 / B-25. They are living history we could photograph in so many ways. And they are the happiest and funniest “models” I’ve have the privileged to work with. Well … I’ll let Bill tell the story …

As we were preparing to head out to the ANME Show this last weekend we discovered that our Museum Trailer containing the majority of our travelling display had been stolen. If you know anyone in the Military Surplus or Pawn Industry please give them this information. We are reaching out to Militaria Stores in the area to advise them of the stolen items as well. Many of the items that were inside this trailer are likely irreplaceable. Most are over 70years old and are original WWII Artifacts. Please share with anyone you think that may be able to assist in the recovery of these items. The Trailer is easily replaced, the contents are not.

They started a gofundme has been created, but as they say, the reality is, even if we were given a blank check many of the items are irreplaceable as they just do not exist anywhere anymore.

If you have any questions we can be reached via email at: or on facebook at: or

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