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on Oct 2, 2018 in Moose's Camera Bag

My Initial Z7 Settings

“I can’t find the “Mirror Up Sensor Cleaning” setting, help?” Yep, it’s time to post my initial Z7 settings when that question hit my inbox. Ah, just to answer that question … it’s a MIRRORLESS camera!

The Z7 settings are really not all that different from your Nikon DSLR which is cool. Some familiar DSLR button functions like Format Card, are not on the Z7. And certain settings like Silent Shutter & High-Speed Extended disable the flash. And there are some new settings like Lens control ring Custom control assignment or N-Log that might make you wonder. Hopefully, my initial Z7 Z7 settings will help you.

Note: Settings “finalized” 10.05.18

Manual Viewer has been updated with the Z7 so be sure to download it for quick and easy reference!

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