Oswald’s Rastaman Stonefly Flies #10 captured by Z 8 / Z105mc

Many lifetimes ago, I commercially tied flies to pay for my fly fishing addiction in high school. I tied thousands of #22 Blue Duns! I’ve always enjoyed creating something from feathers and presenting it to a fish and fooling it into taking a bite. There was a time I even illustrated my own recipes I had created for local lakes in the Eastern Sierra. Jake caught the bug at a very early age and has flown past me in skill and presentation. I so enjoy and it’s great fun when we get to fish together like we are this weekend and I can watch his art. This weekend we’re trying our hands at the Skwala, a first for both of us. I have no flies for this hatch so I went to tying bench to tie a bunch. It’s then my conversation a month back with Nikon Tom came to mind. He was giving me a bad time on his marvelous podcast about my not doing macro, in particular bug photography. If I was quick, I would have thought of this to dig myself out of a hole on the podacast. I know this is not the kinda bug photography Tom was thinking about. But now I can say I do bug photography with this photo of my Oswald’s Rastaman Stonefly (as well as part of my wet fly box below, flies I all tied) pattern I tied for this weekend. I’m sure Tom was talking about living bugs and not imitation bugs, but for me, this is my kinda bugs photography!

wet fly box captured by Z 8 / Z105mc

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