Least Tern nestling photographed this morning by Z 9 / 800f5.6

Spent a delightful morning at the Least Tern colony on Duxbury Beach. Nearing the end of its season, there were a couple dozen nestling, most able to fly, still in the rocks where they hatched looking for mom and dad to feed them. If you can find them in the rocks, shot at f40 to pull all the DoF I could with a 800mm, they would “hide” until the parents returned with a fish. Once the parents were inbound, the chick would often expose themselves, coming to life to get the parents attention. Then faster then you can blink, the parent lands, the chick grabs the fish and swallows it. Then the parents are off again to forage and the chicks, hunkering back down until next feeding. It was a great morning pointing the lens at a new game, find a tern.

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