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on Aug 1, 2019 in Random Thoughts

Nikon’s New Z85f1.8

Nikkor Z85f1.8
photo courtesy Nikon

A lens and f/stop desired by many portrait photographers, Nikon released yesterday their new Nikkor Z85f1.8. You might at first not really think much of this but there are some things under the hood that are new you should be aware of. The biggie to me is the Nikkor Z85f1.8 incorporates the new Multi-Focus system. This new system, “consisting of two AF drive units precisely synchronized to deliver fast, accurate autofocusing and drastically reduce aberrations” or in other words, TWO groups of elements moving at the same time to achieve focus. Amazing! The Nikkor Z85f1.8 is also “Dust and Drip” resistant (love that phrasing!). The release notes state “Extensively sealed to keep dust and moisture out, especially around all moving parts of the lens barrel, for worry-free durability.” I’ve not seen the lens yet but have pre-ordered it for delivery here in the near future.

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