Bald Eagle captured by Z 6II / Z70-200f2.8

Whether you’re just starting out or have been shooting critters for decades, you will be explore a new locale for the first time to see if it is a productive photographic locale. You do your homework, you talk to folks who have shot there, perhaps even hired a guide who says he knows the secret spot, you’ve seen the photos from there and yet when you go, nothing, nada, zilch! This has happened to me countless times, just happened again. I call it getting skunked. Back in the day it hurt as money and time were too tight to comeback with no images to show for my effort. The one thing it did do was harden me to the simple fact that just because I show up doesn’t mean the critters will. In the last few weeks I went to a new place for Kodiak Browns which turned out to be way beyond my wildest dreams of a shoot. Then came back to a new place on the Alaska mainland for Bald Eagles which was a total bust. It’s just the way of the world which I now know and accept. In fact, it inspires me to get out even more often, more intently and with more of a smile in my heart knowing those times it does all work out are just that much more sweeter. It’s the way of the wildlife photographer, things from time to time are simply not as advertised.

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