Stars Over Bryce captured by Nikon Z 6II / Nikkor Z14-24f2.8

I’ve been staring up at the heavens since before I can remember. Spending nights on the ground staring at them with a father who depended on his knowledge of them to navigate a B-29 around the globe, they have became intimate friends. I started photographing them way back when we super cooled Kodachrome increasing its sensitivity to bring the heavens to life in my images. Compared to today, that was a lot of pain with little gain. It was a real joy a few mornings ago to simply stand at Sunset Point, Bryce Nat’l Park, point the Z 6II / Z14-24f2.8 into the heavens and go click to my hearts content and being able to just enjoy the moment. It was … heaven!

Once back in the digital darkroom, I went into NX Studio to find which files I had run different some noise tests on. It shows ALL the info so quickly and easily. While doing that, I saw a feature I was unaware of, Astro Noise Reduction (see below). Man, does it work really sweetly, you just click on the box! It was the perfect fun to finishing increasing the experience under the stars. You might just want to check it out, it’s free!

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