ThankTank Advantage packed for road trip

If you’ve not flown of late, which many haven’t, it’s definitely not back to how it was prior to the pandemic, it’s worse! Especially today with international travel back, airports are more crowded and those working them more stressed by conditions they have no control over. You can make your travels a whole lot nicer by simply packing a smile. Go prepared to fly on the jet you’ve booked. So if you’re in a small commuter jet, don’t go with a roller as it won’t be permitted as carry-on. Go a little earlier so you’re not rushed and can easily negotiate any changes. Book your first flight at the beginning of the day to get in the system and be able to deal with changes easier. And pack that smile! All these little things add up to better photographs because you will land and not take the craziness of the airport with you which get reflected in your photographs. Remember, no matter what, it will all work out in the end. Just, pack that smile!

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