screen captured when I searched my catalog for Red-breasted Nuthatch

I’ve been a Photo Mechanic user, lover, connoisseur from the very beginning! It’s speed ingesting and displaying my images cannot be equaled. A DAM program, it fits my very anal nature when organizing my RAW digital files (stills, video, everything). Being on the road for long periods of late, I need to return to my office with not only my files culled and filed, but renamed as well. With a couple thousand critter subjects to keep organized, that’s quite a task but it’s nothing for Photo Mechanic Plus. It’s Photo Mechanic on database steroids! I grabbed the free trail and went to town letting it catalog ALL of my digital assets. I’ve only tapped one small portion of its power but I now can see ALL of my files on the road (just a thumbnail, not the actual RAW file) giving me the ability to not only see what I’ve captured in the past to remind me of my mistakes and successes, but also my filing renaming structure. I get back into the office, fire up Photo Mechanic and with a couple of clicks everything is filed and up to date! I HIGHLY recommend you give the FREE trial a trial, it will blow your mind the speed. A heads up, the original creating of the image database might take some time if you have a bunch of images. But I can honestly say, Photo Mechanic Plus is just darn great!

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