G-44 Wigeon on Frazer Lake, Kodiak captured by D2x / 17-35f2.8AFS

The year was 2005 and the four of us, Sharon, Brent, Jake & I had just been dropped off by Steve to spend the day by ourselves at Frazer Lake, home of Kodiak Brown Bears. We walked from the lake over the hillside down to the fish ladder to wait and watch. It was our first time to Kodiak. We had rented a RV, took the ferry to Kodiak and had spent the week literally at the end of the road flyfishing. We had driven back into town to hitch a flight with Steve to see these giants firsthand. We had nearly a decade with coastal grizzly under our belts and we wanted to see the big guys. It was an absolutely brilliant day! We would get back home in a couple of weeks, pack Brent up and move him to his dorm to start his first quarter at Reno from where he would graduate. While we knew we had plenty of adventures together as a family to come, this was our last “family” vacation while the boys still lived at home.

The memories came flooding back to me while I was filing photographs from this past weekend’s splashin. In 2005 we flew into Frazer Lake in a G-44 Wigeon. Brent remembers the Browns from that adventure all to well but not a thing about the flight in the Wigeon. I was thinking about that fact as I filed photos of him from this past weekend flying right seat landing the G-21 Goose at Polson Seaplane Base. Shot lots of photos this past weekend of him and the fun and after seeing the Wigeon photo, I’m so glad I did. It’s the #1 reason I’m a photographer. Photography, all about memories!

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