Platypod / D850 / 18f2.8 AF

Ever since posting the Platypod video (see below), I’ve had many ask if the Platypod is good for video filming? It is an essential tool for our video and projects like our Normandy Bound. We have four of them on site and at any given time at last two are in use with remote cameras. Typically the D850/18f2.8AF and D850/24-70VR are out rolling like you see here.

The beauty of the Platypod is we can place it in places we can’t comfortably stand. And quite often, Brent will have them stashed in locales I’m not aware of until I go to finish my images and then I see them tucked away here and there. And that’s the beauty of them. The folks we’re filming the majority of the time don’t see them either. The stability, portability, and flexibility of the Platypod simply makes our job that much easier!

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