Z 9 / Z105mc supported by Platyball on Extreme using the Platypod Macro Kit

I don’t had the fact that I don’t really do macro. It’s a mental thing that I associate with lots of work. When a project requires me to do macro (in other words, gun to my head) I look for the best (which also means easiest) solution. This project has a couple of important aspects I have to work in, tight space, hangar and most importantly, stay out of the way of progress. Luckily for me, and you, Platypod just came out with their latest Platypod Macro Bundle. This kit point blank saved my butt!

Air Mail lock captured by Z 9 / Z105mc

In order to understand what I’m doing, I set up this little still life. Where I’m actual shooting, there was no where to get a second body in to take a BTS. You can see how I have the Platypod macro kit set up. The Extreme is the heart of it providing a platform for the kit. The light, the Lumecube LC-Panel, is brilliant! There is not enough room for flash and with the speed I need to operate at times the continuous light helps. Being able to change the Kelvin temp of the light is a big aid as well. The super strong goosenecks hold the panel exactly where I want it with the super clamp providing extra creative control. This tight knit package makes set up and taking of the photo simple and that’s what I needed. The Kit follows the KISS and the build quality of Platypod is legendary. It might even be go good, it will make a macro photographer out of me yet. But more importantly, it helps me make the client happy and that’s what really counts.
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